About ITS America's Forums and Coordinating Council

ITS America is pleased to announce the reorganization of its Forums—volunteer-driven committees that serve as the focal point for dialogue and networking on the challenges and opportunities surrounding research and deployment of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The five Forums address Safety, Personal Mobility, Commercial Operations, Sustainability, as well as Cross-cutting Issues not easily embodied in one Forum.

Each Forum is in the process of identifying committees—smaller ad hoc or standing groups that concentrate on specific ITS challenges, needs, or opportunities. Many of these committees are already in place and have played a longstanding role in ITS America, tackling a range of issues from rural and public transit to information, weather, and training and education. These groups will help provide the backbone for the new outcome-focused Forums and compliment emerging conversations in the ITS arena that promote greater understanding of the evidence that ITS makes a difference in the performance of our transportation systems. We welcome your participation and invite you to join the groups most important to you.

Each forum chair is a member of the ITS America Coordinating Council. The Coordinating Council is one of three major volunteer governance bodies reporting directly to the ITS America Board of Directors. The Coordinating Council has as its mission to be the technology champion of ITS America. Advance the technical vision for the Society, foster active engagement of ITS America membership and selected external groups, and initiate technical activities that further the ITS America Strategic Plan.

About ITS America's Policy and Business Council (PBC)

The Policy and Business Council is the principal source of public policy development within ITS America in support of ITS America’s strategic role as a thought leader in transportation policy. The council is also the forum for business interests in ITS America. The Council accomplishes its mission in a unified way with the ITS America Coordinating and State Chapters Councils, working closely with ITS America's leadership in the areas of transportation policy, business leadership, and government and international affairs. For more information go to the main PBC Page