ITS America Anti-trust Guidelines

All volunteer groups operated within ITS America abide by anti-trust guidelines, calling on members to commit to full and complete compliance with the antitrust laws and to conduct all meetings in strict compliance with these antitrust guidelines.

Briefly, this means that there should be no discussion or exchange of any information by or among competitors concerning:
  1. prices, price changes, price quotations, pricing policies, discounts, payment terms, credit, allowances, or terms or conditions of sale;
  2. profits, profit margins or cost data;
  3. market shares, sales territories or markets;
  4. the allocation of customers or territories;
  5. selection, rejection or termination of customers or suppliers;
  6. restricting the territory or markets in which a company may resell services or products;
  7. restricting the customers to whom a company may sell;
  8. unreasonable restrictions on the development or use of technologies;
  9. any matter which is inconsistent with the proposition that each company must exercise its independent business judgment in pricing its services or products, dealing with its customers and suppliers and choosing the markets in which it will compete.

Participation in any ITSA Forum or Working Group includes acknowledgement of its members of these guidelines.